“I can tell you that you are the reason I do not ” fear the storm” this winter!  Let it rain! Our garage is water free and dry as a bone , thanks to you.  Joe and I wanted to thank you for the time you spent, and the money you saved us with the drains to put around our garage and home.   I know that I could refer you in any circumstance and you would do a great job.  Thank you for your great work and help.  You make it very easy to get our projects done. I am grateful to know you.

Sue and Joe  of the Mohawk valley near Eugene/Springfield, Oregon

Hi Dan,

” Thank you for the quality work.  You are a pleasure to deal with.”

Vince   of Eugene, Oregon

Mr. McGuire was thorough and competent in performing the jobs I had contracted with him to perform.  I am confident as I offer a strong, positive recommendation on his behalf, that his work is consistent and that he is trustworthy to fulfill his agreements with high quality service. “

Leia    Ph. D

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