Dan McGuire brings a wide variety of skills and interests to his work as a licensed construction contractor in the State of Oregon.  He holds degrees in Planning, Public Policy and Management from the University of Oregon and in Electronics and Electricity from Linn-Benton Community College. While at Hewlett Packard in Corvallis, he served as  engineering manager of clean room facilities project managers, project manager for clean room renovation projects, as well as project manager for integrated circuit fabrication tool installations.   Dan is an experienced and knowledgeable building and remodeling contractor.  Besides being exceptionally qualified, Dan is personable and easy to work with.  If you have a project idea, Dan would love to help you transform the idea into reality.

Dan has been involved in construction, design and estimating construction projects all of his life.  His father was a contractor, draftsman, estimator and a creative artist.  His grandfather was a carpenter/builder and his great-grandfather was a plasterer in Scotland who brought his skills to the United States.

Dan was encouraged to help out on building projects at a very young age.  He copied his father’s remodeling and house plans to develop drafting skills.  He was working as a professional draftsman while still in sixth grade.  He honed his building and estimating skills working with his father until he left home to attend the University of Oregon, where he received his degree in planning and management.

During the 1970’s, Dan began drafting, estimating, building and managing projects for a new mentor.  After a few years working for and learning from this mentor in the building industry, he started his own remodeling company, which he owned and managed successfully for several years.  Then, in the early 1980s, Dan had the opportunity to learn electronics and electricity at Linn-Benton Community College. He received his degree and was immediately offered a position to apply those new skills at Hewlett Packard.

In his twenty-three years with Hewlett Packard, Dan gathered many new and valuable skills that serve him to this day as a building and remodeling contractor. From his many years’ experience working in and around the precision-oriented and demanding environment of Hewlett Packard’s clean room facilities, for which he and his team received multiple performance awards, Dan understands that each job deserves his complete attention, no matter how small or how large.

There are many builders to choose from. Dan McGuire is a builder who stands apart from the rest.

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